20/20 Vision Committee

The Lexington 20/20 Vision Committee’s role is to identify a shared vision for Lexington’s future and communicate that vision to municipal decision-makers, by:

  • Engaging the Lexington community to think about Lexington’s long-term future.
  • Identifying and assessing opportunities and challenges that may shape Lexington’s future.
  • Making recommendations to the Board of Selectmen and, as appropriate, the School Committee and Planning Board.
  • Measuring, tracking, and reporting progress on topics studied.

Committee charge

Committee Membership
13 members (including one rep from School Committee, Planning Board, and Selectmen)
Apppointed by: Board of Selectmen
Term: 3 years

We seek members who are familiar with the Lexington community, have skills beneficial to performing the work of the Committee, and/or fresh perspectives and a passion for the positive future of Lexington. For people without previous experience in Town government, membership on the committee has often served as a pathway to become more involved in the Town.

Current Committee members

Current Openings:

  • Two members for general Committee membership
  • Taskforce on Social Diversity - 1 opening
  • Taskforce on E-Government - 1 opening