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Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts


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Preliminary Evaluation of Source Separated Organics (CDM) Report

Shade Street Pavement Marking and Signing Plan

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2014 Engineering Construction Projects

Major current projects:

Map of 2014 Paving Work
Map of 2014 Capital Improvements Projects

*While every effort is made to keep this website up to date, changes occur dynamically
and website updates cannot keep up with moment to moment conditions.  This applies to detours which are set daily in the field by Town personnel in conjunction with the Lexington Police Department.


National Grid has been doing relay work on East Street from Adams Street to Burnham Road.  At times the roads will be closed and detours will be in place. They have a few more weeks of work.

MassDOT will be paving Marrett Rd.  Crews will be milling the road.  This is a MassDOT project and all specific questions related to this work should be directed to the District 4 office.


  • Roadway Reconstruction Program - (posted 7/23/14)  Paving operations continue throughout town. Road crews will be also be working on the Diamond School Roundabout but no closures are anticipated for tomorrow.  Please follow us on twitter! (see link at bottom of page)  Any questions or concerns related to the paving program may be emailed to streetpavinginfo@lexingtonma.gov.  If you prefer, a message may be left on our street paving information line:  (781) 274-8905


  • Inspecting Sanitary Sewers For Excessive Infiltration - (posted 6/26/14)  DPW Engineering has a contractor who will be inspecting the sanitary sewers for excessive infiltration.  The contractor is NEPCCO. They use one pickup truck for this work. They open one manhole, install a measurement device and move to the next upstream manhole and install a temporary plug. They then move to the first manhole and take measurements for about 15 minutes. There is no power equipment. The loudest noise is the opening and closing of the manhole.  The work will be done at night to observe during low flow conditions.   The work is scheduled to begin on Sunday night, April 6th at 11 pm until 6 am for the next several weeks. The work area is northeast Lexington, side streets, north and south of Lowell Street to Woburn Street.  The truck is identified with “NEPCCO” graphics on the side. Traffic cones are placed to mark the work area.

For further information, please call Mike Flamang, Engineering Division, 781-274-8308. If there is an after hours emergency connected with this work, call the DPW Emergency number, 781-862-1618.

  • Reconstruction of the Diamond Traffic Circle - (posted 7/1/14) The traffic circle near the Diamond Middle school has been redesigned to make it conform to a Modern Roundabout Design.  Currently this circle encourages pedestrians to access the center of the circle causing significant vehicular/pedestrian conflicts. The design has some approaches operating as high speed bypasses and some approaches operation under stop control. There is poor sight distance at all approaches.  The new design includes the following improvements:

    These improvements are currently scheduled for construction in the summer of 2014.  See Schedule below which also includes the resurfacing schedule.  For more information please contact:  Dave Cannon, Lexington DPW/Engineering, (781)-274-8323, dcannon@lexingtonma.gov 

  • Butterfield Dam Improvements  - (posted 5/27/14)      The scope of work includes construction of earthen embankment dam improvements and includes tree removal   The eastbound lane of Lowell St will be closed for the duration of the project during working hours.  The work is expected to extend through June.


  • Estabrook School/Robinson Road Project  (posted 6-6-14)  The Town is in the process of awarding the contract for the Robinson Road reconstruction.  Please see Bid results below.  Please contact John Livsey with any questions.


  • Grove Street Bridge Project (posted 2-6-14)
    Mass DOT will be performing bridge repairs to the Grove Street bridge over Route 128 starting in June 2014. It is anticipated that the road will remain open but traffic will be reduced to one lane. Check back here for updates and more details as the date approaches.
  • Spring and Concord Intersection Improvements Contract #13-62  (posted 5-28-14)
    Crews completed the paving but will be back to work on punchlist items including line striping.  Check back here for updates. See map below.  Project Includes a new traffic signal, curbing, sidewalks, and pavement markings.  Work is done for the season and will continue in the spring.
  • Concord Ave Sidewalk Study -(posted 7-8-13)   The Town of Lexington Engineering Division is studying the possibility of installing a sidewalk along Concord Avenue from Waltham Street to Spring Street. Concord Avenue is a town roadway with a portion in the state right of way. The corridor has been surveyed and evaluated. Design is underway; current plans are available for viewing at Samuel Hadley Public service building, 201 Bedford Street. See below for link to a preliminary design plan.  Please contact Dave Cannon in Engineering for more information.
  • Mass Ave 3 Intersection Project - (updated 1/6/14)

    The Town of Lexington seeks to improve pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic safety as well as improve traffic operations along a section of Massachusetts Avenue in Lexington. The project area is approximately 3,500 feet long and extends from Pleasant Street to Marrett Road.  February 2013 Presentation (4.37MB).  Several workshops were held in 2012 and 2013 and based on feedback from these workshops preliminary designs have been developed and submitted to MassDot for review. 

    The current recommendation calls for:

    Construction is currently programmed for 2018.  For more information please contact: Dave Cannon, Lexington DPW/Engineering, (781)-274-8323, dcannon@lexingtonma.gov


Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts