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Lexington, Massachusetts
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2015 Engineering Construction Projects

*While every effort is made to keep this website up to date, changes occur dynamically
and website updates cannot keep up with moment to moment conditions.  This applies to detours which are set daily in the field by Town personnel in conjunction with the Lexington Police Department.


Projects Under Construction

  • Concord Ave Sidewalk-(posted 6/9/15) The Town of Lexington Engineering Division has plans to install a sidewalk along Concord Avenue from Waltham Street to Spring Street. This project includes construction of a 5 foot wide sidewalk, granite curb, field stone retaining walls and drainage improvements. The culvert carrying Hardy’s Pond Brook will be replaced and the traffic signal at Waltham Street and Concord ave will be upgraded. Current plans are available for viewing at Samuel Hadley Public service building, 201 Bedford Street. Please contact Dave Cannon in Engineering for more information.


  • Woodcliffe Rd/Spring St Drainage Work (updated 6/19/15)  Crews are finished relocating a drain line on Woodcliffe Rd/Spring St.  They will be back to pave Spring St and there may be full and partial closures on Spring St during this work.



  • Water Distribution Improvements Contract #15-57 (updated 6/25/15)  The town of Lexington will be upgrading and replacing water main in various location throughout Town. (see map below) Work has started in the Wachusett Rd area.


  • Sewer Inflow and Infiltration Investigations (posted 6/9/15) Crews from NEPPCO are conducting I/I field studies throughout town.  The work entails too large trucks that work out of manholes.  There will be no excavation as part of this work. 


  • Willard Woods Stream Daylighting Project (posted 8/28/15) Work has begun!  Crews from SumCo have begun to clear and stage equipment.  The proposed work includes removing the existing underground stone box culvert between the Willard’s Pond outlet and the 30-inch RCP culvert inlet at North Street and constructing a natural open channel stream.


  • Vinebrook Stabilization Project (posted 7/31/15)  The project involves restoration of approximately 80 linear feet of failed embankment along Vine Brook in the Lower Vine Brook Conservation Area, off of East Emerson Rd.


  • Microsurfacing bid  (posted 8/27/15) The contract has been awarded to Seal Coat Inc.  Crews have started leveling on Concord Ave. and setting castings on Waltham Street.


  • Revere Street Culvert  (posted 7/16/15) The work for this project consists of replacing two culverts along North Lexington Brook at two separate locations: just east of #19 and #20 Revere Street and along the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway to the north of Camellia Place.


  • Paul Revere Drainage Improvements (posted 8/27/15)  The scope of this project includes the layout of approximately 650 linear feet of drainage pipe in Paul Revere Road from Powers Court to Cedar Street as well as installation of catch basins and berm to improve flow of surface storm water.


Projects by other entities affecting Lexington

  • Mass DOT Route 2/I-95 Bridge Replacement project. For information about lane closures please visit the Mass DOT project website.
  • Mass DOT Repairs to the Watertown Street Bridge over Route 2 Construction will take place from 9/9 through 9/13. There will be revolving lane closures on Rt 2 during day and night hours. Please see Mass DOT project website for further details.
  • The Town of Bedford slip-lining project: Phase 1 work is wrapping up. The Town of Bedford is working with their contractor to set up a sewer by-pass to forstall any breaks which might occur in the length of pipe not lined thus far. This by-pass will carry over for the next phase of the project which will kick off in the spring.
  • National Grid will be relaying mains in various location throughout Town this summer.  Work on Grassland will begin the week of July 13th.  Revere St work i finished for now.  Crews will return to repatch the road after the Town has completed Bedford St.



Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts