Facility Rental

Requests to rent space in Lexington public school buildings and Battin Hall in the Cary Memorial Building are coordinated by the Department of Public Facilities. Please contact Laurie Lucibello in the Department of Public Facilities or (781) 274-8904 for these rentals.

For Cary Memorial Library meeting room information, visit the Cary Library website.

For a town building rental, please contact Cathy Severance in the Town Manager's Office at (781) 698-4544.

Rental Policies and Forms:

Organization Registration (pdf)
To be filled out by any organization requesting building rental.

School Building Rental Policies
This includes rental spaces and pricing

School Building Rental Request (pdf)

Cary Memorial Building Policies (pdf)

Cary Memorial Building Rental Request (pdf)

Battin Hall Equipment Request (pdf)

Guides for Use of School Facilities

Lexington School Committee Policies

Registration Application for Town of Lexington Facility Rental

Request for Use of School Facilities