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Lexington, Massachusetts
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Planning FAQs

Due to a number of oft-repeated questions, the Planning Staff has posted the following frequently asked questions and their responses to improve our service delivery to the public.

Can I subdivide my land?

The minimum lot size is 30,000 square feet of land in the RO, Single-Family zone, or 15,5000 square feet in the RS, Single-Family zone.  To be able to subdivide, the current lot must be at least twice the required lot size, and usually more as you must create 150' of frontage for each new lot in the RO zone or 125 feet in the RS zone. 

Where can I buy a Zoning Bylaw, the Zoning Map or Development Regulations?

In the Planning and Community Development offices. The Zoning Bylaw is Chapter 135 of the Code of Lexington. The Development Regulations are Chapter 175. The prices are as follows:


 Zoning By-Law $10.00 
 Zoning Map - Black & White $5.00
 Zoning Map - Color $10.00
 Development Regulations $10.00
Certification is $4.00 per document 
By Mail: A flat fee of $7.00 per order

The Zoning By-Law and Development Regulations, Chapters 135 and 175 of the Code of the Town of Lexington, can be found here.

How can I find out the setbacks for my property?

Table 2, Dimensional Controls, of the Zoning Bylaw. Table 2 is currently on page 13665 of the Code in Chapter 135, Zoning Bylaw. Lesser requirements than those of Table 2 apply to certain lots.  See page 13588 of the Code for further details.

Where can I see the plans for a current development in Lexington (not just a single-family house on one lot)?

Plans for residential developments and for rezonings are on file at the Planning Department.

Who can I ask about affordable housing opportunities in Lexington?

LexHAB and LHA (rental only). Consult a local realtor if wanting to buy a home in Lexington.

If I purchase a house on a private way (unaccepted street) and want to demolish more than 50% of the dwelling do I have to improve part of the street?

Yes. But in some cases, the Planning Board will determine that the street is already of adequate grade and construction if presented with a plan showing the satisfactory condition of the existing roadway.

Where can I get a plot plan of my property?

In Community Development. Since the 1960s, the files on properties with dwellings that have undergone work requiring a building permit usually have a plot plan.

Is my lot buildable?

If you think your lot may be buildable but are not sure, please contact the Community Development Department


Where can I learn more about Planning in general?

The following sites are provided to those who may wish to learn more about Planning and Community Development in a general sense.


  United States Census Bureau
  Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Housing and Community Development, Profile of Lexington
  Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Geographic Information Systems
  The General Laws of Massachusetts
  Metropolitan Area Planning Council
  American Planning Association
  Massachusetts Chapter of the American Planning Association
  Citizen Planner Training Collaborative
  Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA)



Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts