About Us

Description of Services:

The Lexington Recreation and Community Programs Department is where Lexington residents can participate in seasonal and  year-round, unique, quality programs. Led by excellent, qualified instructors, these programs offer participants affordable opportunities for a wide variety of passive and active recreation, wellness and leisure activities.The goal of the Recreation and Community Programs Department is to provide affordable, quality programs meeting the needs of the community.  Please let us know about barriers that prevent participation. We are proud of our work with members of the community in creating exciting and successful programs. Please help us as we try to expand our ability to provide meaningful and accessible recreational opportunities for all. Your suggestions are welcomed.

Enterprise Fund:

The Lexington Recreation and Community Programs Department has operated as an Enterprise Fund since 1991.  Programs are self-supported by setting user fees to cover all expenses.  The Director of Recreation and Community Programs, through the Recreation Committee, sets fees with the approval of the Board of Selectmen.  The Recreation and Community Programs Department operating budget supports staff that manages and delivers recreation programs along with the supplies needed to operate those programs.  Surplus revenues generated through the Enterprise (Recreation and Pine Meadows Golf Club) helps fund Capital Improvement Projects and financially supports other Town Services including those provided by the Department of Public Works to the aquatic facilities, tennis courts, and golf course, and payment of $100,000 per year towards the Lincoln Park debt.

2014 - 2016 Strategic Plan

Staff Contacts

Melissa BattiteDirector of Recreation and Community Programs(781) 698-4800
Peter ColemanAssistant Director of Recreation(781) 698-4803
Tyler RadicioniRecreation Supervisor(781) 698-4811
Donna DuttonAdministrative Assistant(781) 698-4804
Cherie RobinsonMunicipal Assistant(781) 698-4806
Sandy AlexanderPart-time Clerk(781) 698-4805
Christine DeanCommunity Center Director(781) 698-4802
Thomas RomanoCommunity Center Youth & Family Program Coordinator(781) 698-4813
Melinda SpencerCommunity Center Office Manager(781) 698-4812
Ann McKeanMunicipal Assistant(781) 698-4870