71 & 79 East Street (Keeler Farm Way): Balanced Housing Development (Approved)

The property, 71 and 79 East Street, is shown as lots 7 and 6 on Town Assessors Map 62, and is located in the RO Residential Zoning District. The combined lots have an area of 4.27 acres. A Balanced Housing Special Permit Residential Development of nine units, all accessed via a common driveway is proposed. The existing farmhouse at 71 East Street will remain and the ranch house at 79 East Street will be demolished. There is also a possibility of developing under the provisions of Public Benefit development, in which case there one unit would be affordable and some market-rate units would be larger.

A public hearing was held on Wednesday, September 21, 2011. The Planning Board approved the development on October 19, 2011.