Lisa George-Cox

Lisa George-CoxAbout Lisa

1963 to 2021
Lexington High School (LHS) Class of 1981
LHS Track Coach 1986-1990, 2013-2021
(Sprints) 1986 - 1990, 2013 - 2021
Mom, Mentor, Teacher, and Friend to Many

Boys and Girls Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field Assistant Coach
(Sprints) 1986 to 1990, 2013 to 2021

Watch the LexMedia Bench Dedication Ceremony Video.


During her time as a coach at LHS, the teams have been extremely successful, and an integral part of that was Lisa's work with the sprinters.

With Coach Cox at the helm of our sprinter group, LHS had numerous student-athletes attain Boston Globe All-Scholastic and Boston Herald All-Scholastic. Under her guidance, LHS track athletes became All State champions, New England champions, as well as All Americans. Sending individuals and relays to the High School National Track Championships became a regular occurrence within her event group.

This is not to say Coach Cox only worked with the best. Whoever was in front of Lisa, they got the best coaching advice possible. If someone was having a difficult practice, Lisa would not hesitate to get to the bottom of why they were having a bad day. No matter what it involved, whether it was track, friends, or family, Lisa gave them the time to talk it out. Of course, at the end, Lisa usually came back with some sage advice and an embracing hug.

Lisa's dedication and passion for bringing out the best in her athletes did not slow down with her August 2019 cancer diagnosis. In 2020, Lisa was honored as the recipient of the prestigious Bill O'Connor Courage and Humanitarian Award by the Massachusetts State Track Coaches Association. This award represented how Lisa had lived and coached while overcoming adversity and hardship and put her athletes before herself.

The Lisa George-Cox Memorial Bench is dedicated at the Center Complex near the 200 meter start. This is where Lisa would be found during track meets cheering on the athletes to give it their all as they headed toward the finish line. She inspired all those she encountered and coached, even sending along workouts to her students days before she reached her own finish line on March 9th, 2021.

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Lisa George-Cox Cheering on Noah ShuteStatements of Former Athletes of Lisa George-Cox

Noah Shute

When I think about people who have impacted my life in a significant way, Coach Lisa is the first person that comes to mind. I started running track during my freshman year of high school and I struggled early on with my confidence. My grades weren't great, I was adjusting to meeting new people, and I truly felt that I was not good at anything.

After joining the track team, Lisa instilled in me a willingness to accept that all things worth having require hard work. I vividly remember during my freshman year, on numerous occasions Coach Lisa would give us a hard workout and I would immediately go to the bathroom with a "stomach bug". But as the years went on, I began to embrace her stern but loving philosophy. She was like a mother figure to me and every word she said to me had meaning. She expected a lot from her athletes but her athletes would run through a brick wall for her.

By the end of my high school running career, I had won the state meet twice and placed second in the All-State meet. But most importantly, I became a person that was confident, disciplined and a leader. Without her guidance taking me through my ups and downs in track and in life, the trajectory of my life would drastically change. I owe that to Coach Lisa.

Lisa George-Cox and Noah Shute Standing Together with Other StudentsCoach Lisa used to always say "Hate me now, love me later" when referring to hard workouts she put us through. But the reality is simple. Even during the toughest times, I loved Lisa then. I love Lisa now, and I will always love Lisa. - Noah Shute, LHS 2017

Alicia Steinkrauss

Coach Cox was one of the most supportive, patient, and positive coaches I have had the honor to be coached by. When I was lucky enough to train with her, I was always so impressed with her level of knowledge and her ability to clearly communicate her expectations. She gave you tough love and pushed you beyond your limits; not because she wanted to make things hard for you but because she believed in you and believed you could succeed.

She treated all team members equally and with respect, and wanted the best for everyone. She selflessly dedicated numerous hours teaching us not only how to be better runners, but also how to be better people. Coach Cox's contributions will never be forgotten, as they have shaped us into who we are today. - Alicia Steinkrauss, LHS 2016

Melissa Solomon

Ms. Lisa always has bright and loving energy she cared for me more than just an athlete, she made me feel like one of her children. Her coaching was the perfect blend of encouragement and constructive criticism she really knew how to get the best out of her athletes. She always radiated positivity and taught me valuable life lessons that I've carried with me through the years. - Melissa Solomon, LHS 2016

Hannah Neufeld

Coach Lisa would always say “hate me now, love me later.” The meaning for that changed throughout high school from this workout is going to suck, to Lisa knows my potential, she knows I can complete this workout, and I can be better. Just by saying that she helped me gain confidence in myself on and off the track. Lisa was not only my coach, but my number one fan. - Hannah Neufeld, LHS 2016

Lisa George-Cox with a Student on a TrackLisa George-Cox Teacher - Special Educator

Lisa George-Cox was an incredible person who will always be remembered by the Lexington Public School, Meadow Brook Day Camp, and Weston Public School staff and families that she was devoted to.

Lisa was a wonderful asset to co-teachers and support staff in preschool. She was a team player filled with creative ideas, constructive comments and a way of seeing the bright side of a situation even when the day was challenging. Lisa was highly respected and loved by all those that worked with her.

Lisa had a strong knowledge of working with students on the Autism spectrum. She was great at connecting with students who needed a little extra TLC. Lisa was a wonderful asset to families as well by supporting these families with at-home strategies to help the parents as well as the child. Facilities and home-school connections were very important to her.

Lisa George-Cox Holding a StudentLisa was a kind hearted and loving teacher who always followed through with expectations while having FUN with the child. Her students beamed when they saw Lisa each day! And, being the thoughtful person she was, made sure she greeted each child in return and tried to make each feel special.

LHS 1981 Hall of Fame Athlete & Syracuse University Superstar & Record Holder

Lisa took pride in her appearance and how she presented herself. Lisa didn’t see race, color or disability in people. She just saw the person.  She was a great example of how to be respectful of oneself and of others. 

Lisa’s tremendous sense of humor, positive attitude, brilliant smile, immense kindness, and willingness to go that extra mile for people will long be remembered and missed.

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