Energy Supply

Lexington is working to increase the percent of energy it gets from renewable sources. This includes the energy used to power municipal operations, as well as residential and commercial operations.

Municipal Solar

Lexington has been steadily adding solar arrays to its municipal facilities for years. Solar saves the town in energy costs and reduces the amount of energy it demands from non-renewable sources. See the real-time power generation at our current municipal solar facilities.

As of March 1, 2022, we have generated 20,655,456 kWh of electricity. That's enough energy to power 1,750 homes for a year!

Community Choice Program

Lexington’s Community Choice Program is the Town electricity aggregation program. It uses bulk purchasing power to provide cleaner electricity and long-term, stable electricity supply costs to Lexington's residents and businesses. Electricity account holders in Lexington are automatically enrolled in the 100% Green option but can choose to opt up to the New England Green option that sources all electricity from renewable energy projects in New England. You can leave the program at any time with no fee or penalty. The Community Choice Program website has the full details about your options, pricing, and more.

Program Pricing (December 2023 - December 2026)

Price options 23 to 26

Please note: Eversource is still the company you call for service or power outages, and they are still the company that will bill you for your electricity use. Also, because Eversource's prices change and future prices are not known, future savings compared with Eversource's prices cannot be guaranteed.

Third Party Solicitations

You have the right to choose your own electricity supplier. If you choose to sign a contract with an electricity supplier other than Eversource or the Community Choice Program, the Town recommends that read the fine print closely and watch for: 

  • A low introductory price that later rises or varies sharply.
  • Contracts that commit you to a certain period of time and charge an early termination fee if you try to leave early.
  • Claims that another program offers the same renewable energy as Lexington's Community Choice program. 

If someone calls you or comes to your door and wants to talk to you about your electricity bill, they do not represent the Town of Lexington or Eversource. Neither Lexington's Community Choice program, nor Eversource, will ever call you or come to your door. If some does call or come to your door, protect your Eversource account number. Treat it like a credit card number. Remember, if anyone you don't know asks to see a copy of your electricity bill, you do not need to provide it.

Residential Solar Options

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems convert sunlight into electrical energy through panels that connect directly to a building's electrical system or to the electrical grid. There are two main ownership models to consider:

  1. Own your panels. If you own your panels, you will reduce or eliminate your electricity bill and can sell the solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) generated by the panels each year. Owning your own panels is more available than ever.
  2. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Through a PPA, a solar company will install panels on your roof for little to no upfront cost. The company will own, operate, and maintain the system. In return, you agree to purchase the power generated by the panels at a set price. The company receives the solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) that the panels generate. For more information about the costs and benefits of PPAs view this guide.

If you are thinking about installing a solar PV system, there are a number of resources that can help you navigate the process.

Project Sunroof

Explore your rooftop's solar potential with Project Sunroof. The tool uses Google Earth imagery to analyze your roof shape and local weather patterns to create a personalized solar plan. It will also help you compare loan, lease, and purchase options.


The Town of Lexington has partnered with EnergySage, the nation's leading online solar marketplace, to bring you the online tools and resources you need to explore your local rooftop and community solar options. EnergySage offers articles, videos, calculators, information about available incentives, and more. Create an account to access a network of local, pre-screened installers who can create custom proposals for you. Dedicated Energy Advisors are available to answer questions and help you compare options.