Pedestrian and Bike Projects

The Town of Lexington boasts more than 84 miles of sidewalks, 5 miles of bike path, 20 miles of bike lanes & sharrows, and 47 miles of ACROSS Lexington walking trails!  In FY2023, the Select Board has recommended more than $3.6 million for new sidewalks, sidewalk improvements, and street improvement projects! Projects can be led and supported by a variety of departments, as described below:

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Ongoing projects



  • Town-Wide Bike and Pedestrian Plan - The Town is developing a Bike and Pedestrian plan that will guide development and improvements for the next 10 years. Your input is critical, and we want to hear from you!
  • All current projects - Specifics for individual properties, may include sidewalk implementation or changes

Related Departments & Committees

Wondering when they meet? View Public meetings of Town Boards and Committees 

Transportation Safety Group

  • The Transportation Safety Group is a Town Manager-appointed Working Group which meets monthly to evaluate issues and concerns relative to traffic, transit, pedestrian, bicycle and parking safety.
  • Recommendations are made to the Select Board and the Town Manager

Transportation Services

  • Supports people seeking transportation options and information, runs classes and groups, and promotes active and alternative transportation in and around Lexington
  • Serves as coordinator for Lexington's Safe Routes to School Program


  • Coordinates all planning and development-related activities of the town including land use and comprehensive planning


  • The Engineering Division includes all engineering programs and provides engineering support for other Town departments, boards and committees
  • Administers the Capital Budget for the Town's infrastructure, including streets & sidewalks

Economic Development

  • Involved in Business District improvement projects, as well as running the Liberty Ride

Transportation Advisory Committee

  • Promotes active transportation & alternatives to single-occupancy vehicle trips

Greenways Corridor Committee

  • Identifies, actively plans and recommends the establishment of pedestrian, bicycle and other greenways corridors linking Town conservation, recreation and other open spaces
  • Runs ACROSS Lexington program

Lexington Bicycle Advisory Committee

  • Advises the Select Board on matters relating to bicycle routes and general bicycle policy. Meets jointly with local non-profit Friends of the Lexington Bikeways.