Temporary Food Events

A public temporary event is an event that serves food and is advertised by fliers/banners, newspaper articles, social media platforms, and so forth. Parades, carnivals, festivals, fundraisers, etc. are considered to be temporary events.

It is important that during the planning process for an event, the Health Department is contacted to determine what, if any, permit is required.

Please complete the pre-requisite form BEFORE submitting a temporary food permit application.

Should it be determined by the Health Department that an application for a temporary food permit is required:

  • The application must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the temporary event.
  • Establishments from other municipalities must apply for a temporary food permit.
  • If the establishment already has a food permit with the Lexington Health Department, they still need to submit an application for the event.
  • Potlucks will not be allowed.
  • Any food truck or ice cream truck participating in temporary events must complete the temporary food truck/ice cream truck application.


At a minimum, the applicant must provide:

  • A list of what food(s) will be served at the event
  • ServSafe certification
  • Allergy Awareness

Establishments from other municipalities must also provide:

  • Proof of a valid food permit
  • The most recent food code inspection report from the municipality in which they are based.

Please remember to post the permit in a conspicuous area once it is issued.

The above are guidelines and do not replace 105 CMR 590 and the FDA Food Code 2013.

Please contact the Health Department at 781-698-4533 if you have any questions.