Bake Sales

Bake sales are an informal gathering sponsored by individual(s) or religious, charitable or nonprofit organizations. Bake sales are limited to foods that are not time/temperature controlled, such as cookies, cakes, brownies and other baked goods.

  • A bake sale is a one-time, low risk private event; therefore, NO PERMIT IS REQUIRED.
  • Items for a bake sale can be prepared in a residential kitchen.
    1. Potentially high-risk foods, such as cream-filled pastries, custards and similar products, and meat poultry, or fish in the form of salads or sandwiches and cut fruit, require a temporary food service permit.
    2. Prior to preparing foods, all surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned, especially in between fruits, vegetables, raw meats, etc.
    3. Prior to prepping food items, preparers should thoroughly wash their hands with warm water and soap. Hand washing should be repeated between any steps that may contaminate hands, such as handling raw meats, coughing, sneezing, using the restroom, etc.  
    4. No child or adult showing signs of contagious illness should be present in the preparation area. Pets should also not be present in preparation area.
    5. Visit the USDA's Food safety page for more information.
  • Each item should be individually wrapped to prevent contamination while being stored, displayed, and transported.

The above are guidelines and do not replace 105 CMR 590 and the FDA Food Code 2013.