Residential Kitchens

A residential kitchen is a kitchen in a private home where foods are generally made for family or charitable purposes, such as for a bake sale. This does NOT require a permit.

However, certain food-based activities in a residential kitchen DO require a permit. If residential kitchen is in a bed-and-breakfast operation or a part of a cottage food operation, then it DOES require a permit. Any preparations or events that would provide food “direct to the consumer”, such as a farmer’s market or sales by mail/internet, DO require a permit. 

  • Residential Kitchen permit requirements:
    1. Completed residential kitchen permit application
      • Within the application, please list any items that will be sold.
    2. Copy of Food Handler Manager certificate (ServSafe)
    3. Copy of Allergen Awareness certificate (Allergen Awareness)
    4. Copy of Workers compensation affidavit

The above are guidelines and do not replace 105 CMR 590 or the FDA Food Code 2013.

Residential Kitchens Questions and Answers