35 Hayes Lane- special permit residential development (approved)

The Planning Board held a  public hearing on  September 21, 2022 on Peter Johnson’s application for a Definitive Review for a Site Sensitive Special Permit Residential Development per § of the Lexington Zoning bylaws, and a Street Adequacy Determination per §176-7.0 of the Planning Board Zoning Regulations, and Definitive Subdivision approval per §175 Planning Board Subdivision Regulations located at 35 Hayes Lane: Map 55, Lot 47A in the RO Zoning District. The Applicant is proposing to construct an addition on the existing dwelling, create two new lots to add one dwelling on each of the two lots.

The public hearing was opened on September 21 a continued to October 19, 2022. Approved on October 19, a minor modification request was also approved on December 7, 2022. Material is below and available in the application portal.