2016 Town Meetings

Town Meeting usually meets at:
Margery Milne Battin Hall
Cary Memorial Building
1605 Massachusetts Avenue

Note: Hearing devices are available at Town Meeting. For other accommodations or special needs, please contact the Human Services Department at 781-698-4840.

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 21

Meeting Materials

Meeting Actions & Votes

Reports, Articles, Presentations & Other Documents

ArticlePartSubject & Links to DocumentsSessionActionVote
1N/AReports of Town Boards, Officers, CommitteesN/AN/AN/A
1N/AReport of Capital Expenditures Committee (PDF)September 21, 2016Received and Placed on FileUnan. Vv
1N/AReport of Appropriation Committee (PDF)September 21, 2016Received and Placed on FileUnan. Vv
1N/ACommunity Preservation Committee's Report (PDF)September 21, 2016Received and Placed on FileUnan. Vv
2N/ALand Purchase - 171 to 173 Bedford Street (PDF)September 21, 2016Adopted (2/3)134-3-4
3N/ASupplemental Appropriation for Middle Schools - Additions and RemodelingSeptember 21, 2016Indefinitely PostponedUnan. Vv
4N/ASupplemental Appropriation for School Facilities Capital Projects (PDF)September 21, 2016
Adopted (2/3)
5N/AAppropriate Funds for Police Station Feasibility StudySeptember 21, 2016Adopted134-2-2
6N/AAmend FY2017 Operating, Enterprise Fund and Community Preservation Budgets (PDF)September 21, 2016Adopted132-0-3
7N/AEstablish and Appropriate To and From Specified Stabilization Funds (PDF)September 21, 2016N/AN/A
7aN/ASeptember 21, 2016Adopted (2/3)135-0-1
7bN/ASeptember 21, 2016Adopted (2/3)129-3-4
N/AN/ADissolution of Special Town Meeting 2016-5September 21, 2016AdoptedUnan. Vv


  • (2/3) = Adopted by more than the necessary 2/3rds
  • (4/5) = Adopted by more than the necessary 4/5ths
  • CA = Consent Agenda
  • Vv. = Voice vote
  • Unan. Vv = Unanimous voice vote
  • NOR = Notice of Reconsideration