Save on Energy

Energy costs are rising, making it more difficult for many to cover their energy expenses. There are several ways to save money and energy, especially for income-eligible residents. Learn more below or with these presentation slides.

Fuel Assistance

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps reduce the cost of energy bills for those who need it. Any household whose total annual household income is less than 60% of the estimated State Median Income is eligible for assistance through the program. Households that live in subsidized housing are also eligible. LIHEAP will provide assistance on winter heating bills, including oil and propane payments, as well as discounts on monthly utility bills. Applicants must provide proof of income and must reapply each year. Apply online at or call (978) 459-6161. 

Reduced Electricity and Gas Rates

If you are eligible for LIHEAP, you also qualify for reduced electricity and natural gas rates through Eversource and National Grid.


Eversource's reduced electricity rates provide a 42% discount on your total electricity bill. To change your rate, fill out the Discount Rate Application or call Eversource Customer Service at 800-592-2000 and say you want to change your electricity rate to R2 or R4.


National Grid's reduced natural gas rates provide a 25% discount on your total gas bill. To change your rate, fill out the Discount Rate Application.

Community Choice Program

Lexington's Community Choice Program is a Town program that offers customers stable prices for their electricity supply and cleaner energy. While savings cannot be guaranteed through this program, as of July 1, 2023, the default option is around 6 cents less expensive per kWh than Eversource’s rate. If the energy supplier on your electricity bill is Constellation NewEnergy, Inc., you are already enrolled in the program. If it is any other supplier, enroll online or call 1-844-379-9935 to enroll. You can opt out at any time and will never be charged a cancellation fee. More details.

Community Solar

Through a Community Solar project, you can purchase energy from a local solar project at a discount and receive credits to cover part of your electricity bill. You can sign up for free and don’t need to own property or install equipment to save. On average, most subscribers receive a discount between 5-10% off of traditional electricity costs over the course of a year. Visit EnergySage to find a local Community Solar solar

Income-Eligible Community Solar

Sunwealth offers income-eligible Community Solar projects that save subscribers 25% off their total electric bill. These projects are only available to residents who are enrolled in the discounted electricity rate (see above). Learn more and sign up.