LERN: New Employee Guide


Word balloons - hi! hello!Welcome to the Town of Lexington! Lots of new people to meet, systems to learn and bathrooms to find. Hopefully, this guide will help.

And if there’s something that should be here but isn’t, send email to the Town webmaster.


Lexington uses the state’s GIC (Group Insurance Commission) for its health insurance offerings. The state selects the providers and plans, and the Town decides what percentage of the cost they’ll pay.

Lexington also offers Delta Dental, Flexible Spending, Healthcare Reimbursement and other benefits.

Benefits information

LERN also has most of the benefit forms you might need to fill out.

We also have MUNIS Employee Self Service (ESS) for information about your vacation, taxes, etc.

The Human Resources Department, including Benefits, is located in the Town Manager’s office, top floor front in the Town Office Building. They can be reached at 781-698-4590.

Employee Manual

They’re working on an Employee Manual, but for now, we have:

  • Administrative Directives that all staff should read and follow
  • Union and Association Agreements that specify time off and other policies. Library, DPW, DPF, Police and Fire are mostly covered by Unions. Town Office Building and other staff are mostly covered by LMEA and LMMA agreements. There is also a Coalition agreement that covers shared benefits.

What’s Where

Getting Help

  • PC, network and phone help – Library staff, contact the library tech staff. Other town staff, put in a help ticket to IT. If you can’t use your PC, call IT at 781-698-4610.
  • Random QuestionsEmail the Town Webmaster, who can usually figure out how to get an answer, and can also add the answer to this page!

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After Work