Cyclical Inspections On-Going Throughout Spring and Summer 2023

The Mass. Dept. of Revenue requires the Assessor's Office to visit each property in town at least once every 10 years. These visits are called "cyclical inspections". 

To learn more, read the letter sent to residents.

Description of Services

Our office is located on the First Floor of the Town Office Building,1625 Massachusetts Avenue. See Town Office Building Accessibility Information.

The Assessing Office's primary function is the assessment of full and fair market values (in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws and regulations) of all real and personal property in Lexington to equitably allocate Lexington's annual tax levy among Lexington taxpayers, and the evaluation of any applications for abatement of such property.

View the Fiscal Year 2023 Lexington Residential Assessed Values in Street Order (PDF)

The Assessor is responsible to improve the computer-assisted-mass-appraisal databases of real and personal property, to annually re-value all such property based on market changes, and to submit all data for a re-certification review done by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue every five years.

Other significant duties include: 

  1. administration of motor vehicle excise tax abatement, and 
  2. determination of taxpayer eligibility for deferral of (or exemption from) property taxes, and the Community Preservation Act surcharge

The Assessor is appointed by the Town Manager and supervised by the Assistant Town Manager for Finance.

On a three-year revolving basis, the Town Manager appoints a three-member Board of Assessors to review requests for abatements, approve tax exemptions, and provide policy guidance regarding the operations of the Assessor's Office.

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