Tennis & Pickleball Working Group

In 2022, the Tennis & Pickleball Working Group, a working group of the Recreation Committee, was created and tasked with looking at short-term and long-term options for expanding and increasing the pickleball opportunities offered in Lexington while also being mindful of the court demands for the robust tennis community. The working group provided a collaborative approach through which various concerns related to tennis and pickleball availability, equity, access, and environmental impact could be addressed and offered potential solutions for operational changes and funding allocations to existing and new hard-court surfaces for racquet-based sports. 

The following individuals were members of the Tennis & Pickleball Working Group:

  • Mona Altschuler 
  • Melissa Battite, Director of Recreation & Community Programs
  • Christian Boutwell, Recreation Committee Vice Chair
  • Peter Coleman, Assistant Director of Recreation
  • Rick DeAngelis, Recreation Committee Chair
  • Doreen Karoll
  • Hal Miller-Jacobs
  • Hien Nguyen
  • Richard Petrasso
  • Darren Rough
  • Eamonn Sheehan, Lexington Public Schools Physical Education, Health, & Wellness Coordinator
  • Claire Sheth, Recreation Committee Member & Facilitator of the Tennis & Pickleball Working Group
  • Bruce Yap

The Tennis & Pickleball Working Group met six times between September 2022-February 2023. A comprehensive report with an assessment of existing conditions and recommendations for short-term and long-term strategies was prepared and presented to the Recreation Committee at its March 21, 2023 meeting.

Tennis & Pickleball Working Group Report

Tennis & Pickleball Working Group Summary Report Presentation Slides

Memo on Review of Siting Criteria for Pickleball Court Construction and Lining