Elderly & Other Tax Relief


There are several programs that offer local tax relief - exemptions or deferrals - to qualifying property owners. View Property Tax Relief Programs (PDF).

Applications must be filed annually with the Board of Assessors within three months of the mailing of the 3rd Quarter Tax Bill. Application forms  must be received in the Assessors' Office on April 1.

(Please note that applications for property tax abatement are different from those for exemption or deferral and have different deadlines.)

If you have additional questions, please call the Assessors' Office at 781-698-4578.

Applications & Instructions

Deferrals (Tax Relief)

  • Senior Tax Deferral Program
  • Clause 18A- Financial Hardship and Temporary Tax Deferral - please contact the Assessors Office for Application and Instructions

Property Tax Exemption

Instructions and Applications for exemptions: