Green Burials

The Town of Lexington offers Green Burials at Westview Cemetery. In addition to the standard Westview Cemetery Rules and Regulations, Green Burials must also abide by the following rules.

Rules for Green Burials

  1. Green Burials may only be performed in the sections designated for Green Burials.
  2. Remains must be properly cared for, secured, and kept in refrigeration before arriving at Westview Cemetery for a Green Burial.
  3. Funeral home service is required to handle remains for a Green Burial.
  4. Green Burials must use an approved type of decomposing wood coffin. No interment may be made without an approved wood coffin.
  5. Only one body burial per grave is allowed in any Green Burial sections.
  6. No concrete vault liners, cremation burials, or disinterment will be allowed in any Green Burial sections.
  7. Grave markers for Green Burials will be Two feet x One foot flush markers made of either granite or bronze. No other markers will be allowed in any Green Burial sections.

All other rules and regulations of Westview Cemetery must be followed. For more information on green burials visit Green Burial Massachusetts' website.