Go Solar

Why Solar?Solar installation

Investing in solar panels will provide your home with free electricity long after the 5-8 year payback period. When paired with a battery storage system, a solar system can serve as a back up power source during outages. Even if you are a renter or your property is not conducive to solar, you can support solar projects and earn credits on your electricity bills with Community Solar (see below).

What You Get With Solar

Benefits of solar

How to Go Solar

  1. Explore your rooftop's solar potential with Project Sunroof
  2. Get contractor estimates
  3. Contractor installs panels
  4. Eversource connects your panels to the grid

Rooftop Solar Not an Option?

You can still support renewable energy in Massachusetts and beyond.

  • Community Solar: Get your electricity from a local solar farm and save up to 15% on your electric bill. Learn more.
  • Lexington's Community Choice Program: Opt up to the New England Green option of Lexington's Community Choice program to support local renewable energy projects. Learn more.

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