Clean Appliances & Equipment

Why Clean Appliances and Equipment?

While transitioning your heating and cooling system to heat pumps is the most impactful system change you can make, there are plenty of other opportunities to shift away from fossil fuels. Making these changes will not only lower your home or business' carbon footprint, but it will also improve indoor air quality.

What's Available?

Consider the following clean appliance options.

  • solar water heater (MassCEC) Opens in new windowSolar Hot Water Heaters
    • The sun can provide up to 80% of your water heating needs
    • Lower costs than heating water with oil, propane, or electric resistance
    • Installing solar hot water is a fraction of the cost of installing traditional solar electricity systems
    • Can be pair with any source of back-up water heating
  • Hot water heat pump (MassCEC)Heat Pump Hot Water Heater
    • Three times as efficient as conventional hot water heating systems
    • Can lower operating costs by 50%
    • Provides dehumidification to the room where the heat pump water heater is locate
    • Wi-Fi controls enable owners to remotely control and monitor the water heater
  • heat pump dryer Opens in new windowHeat Pump Clothes Dryer
    • Easy to install since they don't require ventilation
    • Can reduce energy use by at least 28% compared to standard dryers
    • Dries laundry at low temperatures, so they are gentler on clothes
  • Induction Stoves/Cooktops
    • Induction cookingHeat up 50% faster and more evenly than electric, gas, and propane
    • Eliminate toxic emissions released from gas and propane cooking that can lead to asthma and cardiovascular disease
    • Poses no risk of gas leaks and reduces risk of fires and accidental burns
    • Lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to gas or propane cooking
    • You can check out an induction cooktop at Cary Library's Library of Things
  • iStock-1313890855-1500x1000Battery-Powered Outdoor Equipment
    • Battery-powered equipment is quieter and doesn't produce any emissions
    • Lighter and easier to maneuver
    • No oil to change, flammable fuel to store, or tune-ups needed

Financial Incentives for Clean Appliances

Mass Save

Department of Energy Resources (DOER)

MA State Incentives

Federal Incentives

Financing Options

Battery Powered-Outdoor Equipment

Heat Pump Clothes Dryer

Rebates coming soon for households at certain income levels

Heat Pump Water Heater

Induction Cooking

Rebates coming soon for households at certain income levels

Solar Hot Water

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