Community Garden

Registration for the 2022 season has closed. If you did not receive a plot, your entry will remain on the list for next year. If you want to add your name to the list, please see the following. Thank you.

Welcome to the 2022 Community Gardening Season

Lexington continues to offer community garden plots for growing organic vegetables, fruits, and flowers at Idylwilde Conservation Area off of Middle Street

Idylwilde MapIdylwilde Community Garden

Located at Idylwilde Conservation Area between Middle and Lincoln Streets. Idylwilde offers full plots (20 feet by 20 feet) and half plots (20 feet by 10 feet) with perimeter fencing, full sun, and water service. Idylwilde was expanded in 2018 and now includes 110 plots!

Current plot fees (subject to change):

  • $50/ full plot
  • $25/half plot

Community Garden Coordinators: Allie Lawler and Julia Sedykh

Questions or Comments? Please fill out a form. A garden coordinator or staff will be able to respond.

Important documents for existing gardeners:

View the New Gardener Lottery Entry Form.

New gardeners at Idylwilde Community Garden were selected through a lottery for the 2022 season. Those on this list will be notified via email when the lottery will take place each year and if they have received a plot. If someone decides not to accept the plot, the next person on the list will be notified. Only one plot per household/residential address. If you were previously on the list and not selected, you do not need to submit another entry as your Entry will stay on the list. You may contact us at any time to make sure your Entry is still on the list. Thank you!

Idylwilde Wood post Sign
View of the Idylwilde Garden
Idylwilde Garden