Village & Multi-Family Site Plan Review

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Village and Multi-Family Overlay Districts (VO, VHO, MFO)

The provisions of §135.7.5 apply only to developments on a lot located entirely within Village and Multi-Family Overlay Districts where the property owner has elected to comply with the requirements of the Village Overlay District, rather than complying with those of the underlying zoning district. 

  • All developments under this section shall include multi-family housing. All residential uses under this section shall be multi-family housing.
  • Developments may also include nonresidential uses permitted in an underlying zoning district.
  • Where the underlying zoning district is the CB District, at least 30% of the net floor area of the street floor shall be occupied by uses permitted on the street floor in the CB District. No more than the greater of 20% or 20 feet of the frontage on a public way may be dedicated to residential uses.
  • Developments in the VO district may contain nonresidential uses on the street floor and basement to the extent permitted in either the CRS or CB zoning district, except those listed in §

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