Working Group to Review the Tree Bylaw and Enforcement


  1. Review bylaw enforcement issues that have been raised in a recent report.
  2. Review the bylaw for changes that are recommended for streamlining and/or ensuring that the bylaw is appropriate for the Town’s organization (i.e., why is the Building Commissioner involved in issuing permits?).
  3. Identify issues with data collection for the bylaw enforcement.
  4. Determine resources needed to implement changes to ensure proper bylaw enforcement.
  5. Make recommendations for improved bylaw enforcement to the Town Manager.

Note: Preliminary findings that may inform new bylaw amendments or town budget shall be communicated before work is complete.

Working Group Members

  • 1 Town Manager or designee
  • 1 member from Forestry/DPW
  • 1–2 members from the Tree Committee
  • 1 member from the Select Board
  • 3–4 members from the public

Meetings and Timeline

Monthly meetings with a goal of completing work within a year.