Subcommittee for Sharing Survey Information with Lexington Town Groups and Organizations


The purpose of this subcommittee is to communicate and collaborate with other town committees and groups on the survey results and key findings from the most recent town survey. Our main objectives are:

  • To create and present an easy-to-understand view of the survey data that is relevant and useful for their work. This may include charts, graphs, tables, summaries, or reports that highlight the main insights and trends from the survey.
  • Highlight the key issues, high level recommendations and priorities that people are looking for town groups to address. Tracking the progress on addressing these issues.
  • To consult and learn from the key stakeholders in the town about their current and future information needs and how they are gathering and organizing relevant information. This may include interviews, surveys, workshops, or feedback sessions that help us understand their goals, challenges, preferences, and expectations regarding the survey data and information.
  • To establish and maintain a positive and productive relationship with the other town committees and groups. This may include regular meetings, updates, newsletters, or events that foster trust, cooperation, and mutual support among the different parties involved in the survey project.


The subcommittee will have 5 members appointed by the Vision for Lexington Committee. They will be a member of the subcommittee for 12 months and can be reappointed by the VFL committee as desired.