Vision for Lexington Subcommittee on Local Election Voter Participation


The charge of the VFL Subcommittee is to:

  1. Through research and data- gathering, identify the factors that may be contributing to the comparatively low voter turnout in local Lexington elections;
  2. Explore evidence- based ways to increase participation in local elections;
  3. Report findings and recommendations to the Select Board with the objective of informing the decisions and actions of the Select Board and other Town officials.

The Subcommittee will:

  1. Compile election participation data to examine rates and patterns of voter participation in local, state and national elections in Lexington;
  2. Compare local voter turnout in local elections with local voter turnout for state and national elections with other surrounding towns;
  3. Conduct selective interviews with, but not limited to, Town Clerks, Voting Rights groups;
  4. Document ways in which interest in local elections and election- day visibility can be promoted;
  5. Examine any logistical barriers that may exist;
  6. Undertake other tasks as needed to accomplish its charge.


Bi-weekly (online) meetings over the next six weeks.