Lexington’s Community Choice Program Prices to Change in December

November 6, 2023
For Immediate Release

LEXINGTON, MA — Prices for Lexington’s Community Choice Program, Lexington’s electricity aggregation program, will move to market levels when the current contract with Constellation ends and a new, 36-month contract with First Point Power takes effect in December.

Lexington’s Community Choice Program offers participants three options to choose from: 100% Green, New England Green, and Basic. Prices changes for each option are as follows: 

  • 100% Green option — Changing from 10.80 cents/kWh to 13.998 cents/kWh. This option includes 100% renewable electricity from a mix of renewable sources both within and outside of New England. Most participants are enrolled in this option.
  • New England Green option — Changing from 13.219 cents/kWh to 15.654 cents/kWh. This option includes 100% renewable electricity from new renewable energy projects in our region (MA Class I RECs), creating market demand for local projects and supporting local jobs.
  • Basic option — Changing from 9.935 cents/kWh to 13.081 cents/kWh. This option includes no additional renewable electricity above the state minimum requirement.

The electricity market and regulatory costs have changed since the Constellation contract was signed in 2020, and the new prices are rising to reflect current market conditions. The new First Point Power prices will be higher than current prices, but they are designed to provide long-term stability and are fixed for 36 months, from December 2023 to December 2026. In addition, the new prices will be lower than Eversource’s current residential Basic Service price of 16.078 cents/kWh and small business Basic Service price of 15.899 cents/kWh, which are in effect through December 31. Eversource’s 2024 prices are not yet known. Because Eversource’s prices will change in January 2024, savings after that date cannot be guaranteed.

Historic Savings and Emissions Reduction

Lexington’s Community Choice Program has a track record of providing measurable value to the community, including providing price protection during last winter’s volatile electricity market. To date, Lexington’s Community Choice Program has saved participants more than $25 million since the program’s launch in 2017. In addition, through the program, participants in the 100% Green and New England Green options buy more electricity generated from renewable sources than is required by law. Their participation has helped the community to avoid more than 500 million pounds of CO2 emissions. This is equivalent to the emissions associated with more than 50,469 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles for a year.

What Does this Mean for You?

No action is required for current Lexington’s Community Choice Program participants. All active program participants will automatically be enrolled into the new First Point Power contract with their December 2023 meter read. The new program price will first appear on Eversource electric bills in early February 2024, and the electricity supplier will be listed as “First Point Power – Lexington CCA.” 

Participants will be enrolled in the same program option they have in the current Constellation contract. However, participants may choose a different program option or leave the program before the contract with First Point Power takes effect, and at any time in the future, with no penalty or fees.

Tax-exempt account holders will need to submit tax-exemption documentation to First Point Power to retain their tax-exempt status in the program. This documentation must be submitted to First Point Power even if it was submitted previously to Eversource and Constellation. Information about where to submit tax-exemption documentation is available at MassPowerChoice.com/Lexington.

To enroll, make changes to enrollment, or get more information, participants are encouraged to visit the program website at MassPowerChoice.com/Lexington or contact customer support with Lexington’s program consultants at 1-844-379-9935.

The Basics

Lexington’s Community Choice Program is a group electricity purchasing program from the Town of Lexington for Lexington residents and businesses. Massachusetts state law allows cities and towns to choose the electricity supplier for their electricity customers rather than have the local electric utility, which is Eversource for Lexington, buy their electricity. Lexington’s Community Choice Program offers long-term pricing and consumer protections, such as the ability to leave the program at any time with no penalty or fees. Participating in the program changes the price that Eversource uses to calculate the supply portion of participants’ electric bills. Eversource’s delivery charges are not impacted by participation in Lexington’s Community Choice Program. Additional terms and conditions apply to large commercial customers.