Conservation Projects

In addition to annual maintenance and management of the town's conservation trails and meadows, the Lexington Conservation Division and Conservation Stewards are engaged in a number of projects to improve the town's conservation infrastructure, wildlife habitat, ecosystem health, and scenic value. See Archived Projects 

Find out About Our Current & Recent Projects

  1. Pollinator Planting Kits for Sale

2023 Pollinator Planting KitsSince Spring 2021, Lexington Living Landscapes has collaborated with the Lexington Conservation Division to sell Pollinator Planting kits. The plants are grown at a certified organic native perennial farm in New Hampshire and come in quart-size biodegradable pots.

In 2023, we will be offering Sun Kits and Shade Kits for $72 each, as well as A La Carte plants for $7 each. The available A La Carte plants are: Common Wood Sedge (Carex blanda) and St. John’s Wort plants (Hypericum prolifecum). The sale will open on Tuesday, March 14th and plants will be available for pickup at the Department of Public Works (DPW) building on Saturday, May 13th. 

Additional information and link to purchase a Pollinator Planting Kit

For any questions, please contact us at email Lexington Living Landscapes or email Amber Carr.

  1. Parker Meadow Full Accessible Trail Improvements 
  1. Chiesa Farm Field Management
  1. Willard's Woods Long Term Planning 2020 & Onwards
  1. meadow preservation at west farm
  1. Wright Farm Management
  1. Native Plant Nursery at Lower Vine Brook
  1. Garlic Mustard Pulling 
  1. East Lexington Habitat Enrichment Project
  1. Daisy Wilson Meadow Improvements
  1. Cotton Farm Revitalization Project
  1. Joyce Miller's Meadow Wildflower Restoration Project
  1. Orchard Steward Program