Town Manager

Description of Services

The Town Manager's authority and responsibilities are established in the Selectmen-Town Manager Act of 1968 (PDF).

The Town Manager and staff provide:

  • Oversight for all general government departments
  • Town-wide staff training and professional development
  • Special projects and website management
  • Implementation for all decisions of Select Board and votes of Town Meeting
  • Support to various Town committees
  • Information, materials, and technical assistance to the public

The Town Manager:

  • Appoints new employees
  • Determines employee compensation
  • Negotiates all contracts with the Town's unions and associations

Select Board

The Town Manager is appointed by the Select Board to:

  • Oversee the daily operations of the Town
  • Advise and administer the policies and procedures of the Board
  • Enforce Town by-laws and actions passed at Town Meeting

The Town Manager submits to the Select Board:

  • A proposed annual budget that includes revenue, expenditure, and tax rate projections for the upcoming fiscal year
  • A Capital Budget and a five-year Capital Improvement Program

Finance Department

The Finance Department has primary staff responsibility for budget preparation. The Town Manager's staff provide budget support and prepare presentations for Town Meeting.

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries, email Sean Dugan, Director of Communications.