Town Manager

Description of Services

The Town Manager's authority and responsibilities are established in the Selectmen-Town Manager Act of 1968 (PDF).

The Town Manager and staff provide:

  • Oversight for all general government departments
  • Town-wide staff training and professional development
  • Special projects and website management
  • Implementation for all decisions of Select Board and votes of Town Meeting
  • Support to various Town committees
  • Information, materials, and technical assistance to the public

The Town Manager:

  • Appoints new employees
  • Determines employee compensation
  • Negotiates all contracts with the Town's unions and associations

Select Board

The Town Manager is appointed by the Select Board to:

  • Oversee the daily operations of the Town
  • Advise and administer the policies and procedures of the Board
  • Enforce Town by-laws and actions passed at Town Meeting

The Town Manager submits to the Select Board:

  • A proposed annual budget that includes revenue, expenditure, and tax rate projections for the upcoming fiscal year
  • A Capital Budget and a five-year Capital Improvement Program

Finance Department

The Finance Department has primary staff responsibility for budget preparation. The Town Manager's staff provide budget support and prepare presentations for Town Meeting.