Available Public Records

Public records and the departments, committees or boards they can be requested from. Please note the lists on this page are not complete but includes the major categories and commonly requested public records.

Records are listed both by department (including boards and committees) and by record type.

If the records are available online, there is a link to the online source of the record.

  1. Public Records By Record Type
  2. Public Records By Department, Board or Committee
  • Abutters' lists- Assessor's Department
  • Accepted street plans- Public Works Department
  • Auto accident reports - Police Department
  • Bid awards - Purchasing Department
  • Bid documents - Purchasing Department
  • Bidders lists - Purchasing Department
  • Board agendas
  • Board meeting minutes
  • Board of Appeals Decisions- Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)
  • Board public reports and documents
  • Building permit application forms and issued building permits - Building Department
  • Business licenses - Town Clerk's Office
  • Committee agendas
  • Committee meeting minutes
  • Committee public reports and documents
  • Contracts - Purchasing Department
  • Current property assessments- Assessor's Department
  • Death certificates - Town Clerk's Office
  • Dog licenses - Town Clerk's Office
  • Incident reports - Police Department
  • Marriage licenses - Town Clerk's Office
  • Outstanding checks - Treasurer/Collector's Office
  • Outstanding real estate accounts - Treasurer/Collector's Office
  • Property/Parcel records- Assessor's Department
  • Property record cards- Assessor's Department
  • Purchase orders - Purchasing Department
  • Purchasing records and reports - Purchasing Department
  • Retirement investment information - Retirement Board
  • Salary information - Comptroller's Department
  • Sports field permit information - Recreation and Community Programs
  • Statistical reports - Police Department
  • Street listings - Assessor's Department
  • Subdivision and other plans- Public Works Department
  • Surplus property disposition - Purchasing Department
  • Unclaimed property - Treasurer/Collector's Office
  • Union information - Comptroller's Department

Requesting Public Records