Burn Permits

The open burning of brush is allowed only from January 15 to May 1. This is the only time you may apply for a permit.

Open Burning is allowed for the burning of brush, cane, and forestry debris and only with a permit with the following conditions met at all times:

  • A Permit must be applied for and received prior to any burning.
  • No grass, hay, leaves, stumps, construction material, tires, paper, or rubbish may be burned at any time. No land site or clearing debris may be burned.
  • All open fires must be located more than 75 feet from any building or structure (including wooden, plastic, or vinyl fences).
  • Accelerants such as gasoline, propane, or any other volatile gas or liquid used to start a fire are prohibited.
  • Burning is allowed only between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm, with all fires, ignited prior to 2 pm and extinguished by 4 pm.
  • All fires must be attended to by a person 18 years of age or older, accompanied by a charged garden hose, or other acceptable means of extinguishment.
  • Open burning may be conducted during periods of good atmospheric ventilation and without causing a nuisance. If at any time the National Weather Service or the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation declare a "Red Flag Warning" or " High Fire Danger", burning is suspended until which time the warning or danger is lifted.

The fire department shift commander will determine existing predicted weather conditions prior to 9 am each day. On the day you wish to burn, call 781-698-4700 and select option 8, after 9 AM. A recording will inform you if burning is allowed that day. Following the message, you will be asked to record your permit number.

Any permit granted under 527 CMR 10.22 may be revoked at any time. Whoever violates any provision of this Permit shall be subject to a fine of $100 for the first offense, $500 for the 2nd offense, and $1000 for any subsequent offense Reference M.G.L. c. 148a.

Permit shall be produced on request of a fire or police official; failure to do so will result in the extinguishment of the fire.

Apply for a burn permit through OpenGov/ViewPoint Cloud: only available between January 15 and May 1 (note, if you do not have an OpenGov/ ViewPoint account, you'll have to set one up — it's quick and free).