Civic Academy

Join the annual Civic Academy (previously known as Citizens' Academy) and learn about the inner workings of Lexington Town government! This free program runs every fall.

Have you ever wondered:

  • What do the police do with evidence?
  • What gets carried on a fire truck?
  • How does the Town set the fiscal year budget?
  • When do you need a building permit?
  • How many languages are spoken by students at public schools?
  • Who builds trails on Conservation lands?

About the Program

The program is designed to expose residents to the various Town departments so they can gain a better understanding of how municipal government works. Through presentations, discussions, and visits to Town departments, participants have the opportunity to hear from various directors and managers and learn about the operations of Town programs and services. 

It is intended as a two-way dialogue between Town staff and residents. Participants discover new opportunities for public involvement and the role they can play in town government.

The course is free, and will change how you see town government!

Comments From Past Participants

  • Very impressed by staffs' dedication and passion for their job and service to the community.
  • There's even more going on at the library than I realized.
  • Gave me great awareness of services I never knew Lexington provided.
  • It is a tribute to the town that so many dedicated municipal employees shared their expertise with citizens beyond the scope of normal business hours. Speakers were enthusiastic, well prepared, and clearly dedicated to their respective departments and quality service.


Registration is full for 2023.

James Robinson
Town Manager's Office
Email James Robinson
Phone: 781-698-4543

Previous Topics Include

  • Select Board and Town Manager's Office
  • Town Meeting
  • Town Clerk
  • Planning and Zoning
  • Health
  • Economic Development
  • Town Budget
  • Schools
  • Fire 
  • Building
  • Police 
  • Public Works and Public Facilities
  • Human Services
  • Recreation and Community Programs
  • Cary Library
  • Sustainability