Snow & Ice Removal

View our Winter Storm Pamphlet (PDF).

Snow & Ice Control Policy

The Department of Public Works' goal is to remove snow and ice from roadways as rapidly and efficiently as possible while keeping the roads open and essential traffic moving safely. DPW is also responsible for plowing school parking lots, school driveways, sidewalk routes designated by the School Department, and Town parking lots. The Department of Public Facilities is responsible for the sidewalks and walkways immediately around schools and public buildings. Visit the Snow Removal Policy page for details.

Plowing Operations

Every storm develops differently depending on temperature, wind, moisture content, snow accumulation per hour, and duration.

  • If little or no snow accumulation is predicted, salt and sanding operations will begin and end as conditions warrant. When snow accumulation is predicted, sanders are dispatched to pre-treat main roads prior to the storm event.
  • During a lighter snowfall, every main street, sub-main and residential street will be cleared of snow throughout the storm, roughly once every few hours. During a heavier snowfall, priority will be given to clearing main streets first, sub-mains second and residential streets last.
  • Sidewalk plows begin clearing the six sidewalk routes designated by the School Department at the end of the storm event. Every effort is made to have all six routes cleared within 48 hours after the storm ends.
  • Commencing December 1 through April 1, regardless of weather conditions, Police strictly enforce the Town bylaw which forbids parking on the street for longer than one hour between 2 am and 6 am.
  • On occasion it may be necessary to remove snow piles from business districts and municipal parking lots. Temporary "Snow Removal - No Parking" signs will be posted during these operations.
  • DPW clears Lexington Center sidewalks during each storm event. Thereafter, businesses are responsible for clearing of ice or snow.
  • Residents and businesses should not shovel, blow or throw snow onto the streets or pile it blocking the sidewalks, as this creates a hazard. Please remind your contractors as well.
  • Report any plow damage on your property to DPW by May 1.

Hints for Coping with Storms

  • If you have special needs please contact the Human Services Department at 781-861-0194 for information and referral assistance regarding doorway and driveway clearing.
  • You may want to shovel the driveway after the storm has passed and the street has been cleared. If you shovel during the storm, pile snow to the right of the driveway (facing the street) so the plow won't redeposit it at the driveway opening.
  • When clearing driveways, keep snow on your property and don't put it on the sidewalk or in the street.
  • If a storm is predicted, consider keeping recyclables for collection the following week, since bundles of newspapers and recycling bins can become buried in the snow.
  • Clear catch basins near your home allowing rain or melting snow to enter the drainage system rather than flooding the street.
  • Consider shoveling around any fire hydrant in your neighborhood to clear it of snow.