Fire Detail

When a Fire Detail Is Required

A fire detail may be required for cutting and welding operations, as well as assembly occupancy and for other purposes where the Fire Marshall deems it necessary for life safety. This can include fire protection/fire alarm impairments and special events.

Scheduling a Fire Detail

Please note: The deadline for submitting a detail request is 1:00 PM the business day before. Requests submitted after 1:00 PM may not be filled, and work or activity may not be allowed.

To request a detail, call 781-698-4705 or email Lori Manning with the following information:

  • Company Requesting Details Name and Address
  • Detail Type
  • Detail Date
  • Detail Location
  • Start and Finish Time
  • Name and Cell Phone Number of the Supervisor On-Site

Canceling a Fire Detail

Deadline for submitting detail cancellations is1:00 PM the business day before. Cancellations submitted after 1:00 PM may require payment of the detail. For any after-hour cancellations, you must call 781-862-1080 and speak to the Shift Commander.

Detail Cost

Detail Rate: $65 per hour plus a 10% Administrative Fee. All details have a 4-hour minimum. Details that exceed 4 hours but are less than 8 hours have an 8-hour minimum. Details that exceed 8 hours will be charged at a rate of 1 1/2 the detail rate for each hour or fraction thereof after the initial 8 hours.