Scoop the Poop

View the Town General By-Laws on Animals.

Don't dispose of dog waste on or in a storm drain or catch basin. These drain directly into wetland areas and streams, affecting wildlife, vegetation, andpotentiallydrinking water.

The town's General By-Laws require pet owners to "scoop up" after their pets, both on public places and on property owned by another. Dog droppings are a nuisance and a health hazard. They attract flies and spread disease, and dog waste is one of the worst causes of water pollution.

Lexington has an estimated 2,500 dogs. Dogs relieve themselves every day, producing an average of 3/4 pound of waste per dog. That's over 6 tons of dog waste each and every week.

It's important for pet owners to "scoop up" after Rover in parks, on bike trails, or wherever Rover roams. Carry a supply of plastic bags to clean up after your dog, slip a bag over your hand, and collect the droppings. Then pull the bag off of your hand so that the droppings are inside (like pulling off a sock cuff-first). Tie the bag shut and dispose of it in a trash can.