Bicycle Patrol

Cops on Bikes With Education for BicyclistsAll Lexington Bike Patrol officers attend a challenging three-day course called "Cops on Bikes With Education for Bicyclists" (C.O.B.W.E.B.). The course teaches safe riding techniques, proper nutrition, and apprehending criminals while riding a modified "police" mountain bike.

A Bike Patrol officer is then outfitted in special lightweight gear, which allows them to ride a bicycle while wearing required police equipment.

Officers now have the option to participate in Mobile Deployment, which features a bicycle mounted on the rear of a cruiser. The officer wears the special bicycle gear and is able to park the cruiser and utilize the bicycle for any circumstance it may be needed.

The Lexington Police Bike Patrol has spoken to numerous groups, including Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, elementary school classes, and fraternal organizations regarding bicycle safety tips and the Bike Patrol. If you would like to arrange for a Bike Patrol member to address a group, or have any questions regarding the Lexington Police Bike Patrol feel free to email Sergeant Paul Callahan or call him by phone at 781-862-1212.