Traffic Enforcement Unit

The police department, through grant money, has purchased a Solar Radar Traffic Monitor. It is designed to facilitate police department efforts in promoting speed enforcement in your neighborhood.

Approaching motorists see their speed clearly displayed on large 20 inches characters below a static speed limit sign. Their speed is legible from a distance of 1000 feet. By increasing public awareness of speed limits and police monitoring of same, the Solar Mobile Trailer produces lower average speeds and a safer traffic environment.

The trailer is used in conjunction with a Trafman unit. The Trafman monitors the type of vehicle, time of day, and speed of the vehicle as it passes the unit over a period of days. It accurately identifies if a problem exists and provides the department with valuable information as to when to place an officer on your street for enforcement. Feedback will be provided to neighborhoods when the Trafman is used so everyone is aware if a problem exists and what is being done to solve it.

Traffic Safety

Traffic concerns that require immediate attention should be called in to the dispatch center at 781-862-1212 and an officer will be dispatched as needed. The department also recognizes that traffic safety concerns may exist in your neighborhood such as crosswalks and signage that you wish to review. You may address these concerns in the following ways.

The department reviews all traffic concerns to assess safety issues and to develop recommendations that may require consultation with staff from the Engineering, Planning or School Departments. Unresolved traffic safety concerns are scheduled for a public meeting presided over by the Selectmen's appointed Traffic Safety Advisory Committee.

You may complete an online Transportation Safety Request Form, or if you would prefer to discuss a transportation safety issue, please call the Police business line at 781-862-1212.