Tax Collector / Treasurer


The Treasurer/Collector is appointed by the Town Manager and supervised by the Assistant Town Manager for Finance. The Tax Collector and staff:

  • Issue over 100,000 bills each fiscal year, including real estate and personal property taxes (quarterly), motor vehicle excise tax (annually), and water and sewer charges (semi-annually)
  • Process parking ticket (PDF) payments and issue refunds for abatements granted by the Board of Assessors
  • Pursue timely collection of all bills and maintain a collection rate of over 98% of property tax bills
  • Establish and maintain Tax Title accounts on delinquent real estate tax accounts

The Treasurer is responsible for the receipt, investment, and disbursement of all Town funds. The Treasurer and office staff:

  • Manage all town bank accounts
  • Conduct both short term and long term borrowing for the Town
  • Invest available funds
  • Manage School Student Activity Accounts, specialized bank accounts set up for each elementary and secondary school for the processing of collection and spending of funds supplied by the students for their extracurricular activities

Tax Due Dates

Real Estate and Business Personal Property tax bills are always due on:

  • February 1
  • May 1
  • August 1
  • November 1

(If the 1st is on a weekend, taxes are due the next business day.)