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Safe Routes to School

Our Safe Routes to School Program is part of a state, national, and international initiative to encourage safe walking and biking for students traveling between home and school. Not sure which routes are safest? Check out the Safe Routes to School maps, and find suggested routes in Google Maps — just select walking or biking mode.

Interested, but don't want to do it alone? Consider a walking bus or bike train (PDF)! Families travel together along a scheduled route, providing a great opportunity for social engagement, exercise, and appreciation of the outdoors. Fill out our interest form to be connected with others — we'll help you get started!

We'd love to help you promote walking and biking at your child's school! Email the Transportation Services Department or call 781-698-4820 for more information.

Additional Transportation Options

Check out our full range of transportation services on the Transportation Services page.

School Traffic Congestion

To help reduce traffic and environmental impacts around schools, please consider options other than driving.

There are many options for getting to and from school that don't involve driving, and many of these options are great for after-school and summer activities!

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Pedestrian & Bike Infrastructure Projects

Wondering what's currently being worked on? Check out the Pedestrian and Bike Projects page for more info.