Tennis & Pickleball

Tennis Court with Scattered Tennis Ball

The Summer/Fall 2023 resident adult & senior Tennis/Pickleball memberships are sold out.

The tennis/pickleball courts opened for the season for permitted use on Saturday, April 1. Access online tennis / pickleball court reservations.

2023 Tennis / Pickleball Membership and Court Reservation Fees

Fee CostType of Fee
$48Resident Summer/Fall Adult Membership (July 1st-November 19th)
$36Resident Summer/Fall Senior Membership (ages 60+ - July 1st-November 19th)
FreeDaily Non-Lighted Court Reservation with membership
$20Daily Lighted Court Reservation with membership
$15Daily Non-Lighted Court Reservation without membership
$30Daily Lighted Court Reservation without membership

Court Locations

  • Tennis Court MapGallagher Courts at the Center Recreation Complex: 10 tennis courts (all 10 courts are lighted for night play with reservations) and 4 pickleball courts (courts Number 7-10). Tennis courts include ten regulation courts, ten 60 feet courts, and six 36 feet courts. View the Gallagher Courts Map (PDF).
  • Clarke Middle School: 3 tennis courts and 6 pickleball courts (Clarke #3 is for pickleball play only)
  • Adams Park: (located behind the Waldorf School) 2 tennis courts and 4 pickleball courts
  • Valley Courts: (located on Valley Road) 2 tennis courts and 4 pickleball courts (pickleball nets not provided, please bring your own)

View the Court Locations on Google Maps.

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