League Rules

When you sign up for Battle Green Tennis, you will be asked:

  • To rate your skill level (follow this link for a guide to rating yourself)
  • To indicate your playing availability
  • To specify your playing preferences and the dates when you are available

The cutoff date for completing the sign-up form is indicated on the form. About a week before the session begins, the schedule will be posted on this website. Afterwards any additional applications will be processed and players will be added to the next session. Any changes to your availability to play must be communicated to the committee doing the scheduling at least 12 days before the session begins.

This League promotes tennis by scheduling recreational doubles matches and by arranging singles matches. Successful operation of the league depends on each individual fulfilling her/his responsibilities with good sportsmanship and common courtesy.

Play is generally 6 to 8 pm, Monday through Thursday, at the Gallagher Tennis Courts at the Center Recreation Complex on Worthen Road and the Valley Courts, located on Valley Road. You will be scheduled for at least one match per week with the possible exception of a monthly trip to the BYE list. Players may also be on the schedule and the BYE list. The BYE list is used by scheduled players as the first place to find substitutes; so when you are on the BYE list you will find yourself fielding calls to play. If your name is highlighted and in bold on the schedule, you are playing more than once that week.

It is each player's responsibility to arrive to the court at the designated time and be available for play through the end, unless all players agree to alter times in advance. This generally is enough time to complete three sets. If you find that you cannot make the appointed match, it is your responsibility to find a suitable substitute (using the BYE list, contacting others on the Battle Green Tennis roster or as a last resort contacting others not in the league) and informing the designated game captain of the substitute's name and contact information.

Approximately once per month, you will be the designated Match Captain (indicated on the schedule as the first name on the list of the four players). It is then your responsibility provide a new can of balls, verifying that four players will be at the court and canceling the match (by personally contacting each player) for bad weather (rescheduling it if possible). Only the captain can cancel the match! The Match Captain will pick the players for each side and adjust the sides for competitive play between sets. This is non-competitive tennis so scores and standings are not recorded. More...

Players are expected to conform to the ITF Rules of Conduct.