Census & Residents


Every ten years after the Federal Census is complete, new ward and precinct boundary lines are drawn to reflect changes in the Town’s population and to anticipate the needs of the Town’s election system for the next decade.

Voting precincts established by a city or town must meet the following requirements:

  • Each new precinct must be “composed of compact and contiguous territory” without protruding fingers or long tails to the extent possible.
  • Precincts must be bounded by the center-line of streets or other well-defined boundaries such as streams or other bodies of water, railroad tracks, power lines or other clearly visible geographic figures.
  • No precinct may contain more than 4,000 residents.
  • Every precinct’s population must be within 5% of the average precinct population for that ward or town.
  • Ward populations must be within 5% of the average ward population for the city.
  • Redrawn ward and precinct boundaries must not result in the dilution of minority group members' votes.

In January of 2022, the LEDC approved Lexington’s updated Boundary Descriptions (PDF) and Map (PDF).  View a copy of the new precinct divisions (PDF).

Local Census Information

The Town Clerk conducts the annual census of all Lexington’s households and publishes the results in a printed residents’ list (commonly known as the "Street List"). The publication contains an alphabetical-numerical list of all residents seventeen and older, as of January 1st of each year.

The publication is available at the Town Clerk’s Office at a cost of $20 for a "hard copy".

Political Parties

  • Registered Voters as of February 2023 - 22,736
PartyNumber Registered

United States Census

For additional information, see the United States Census website.