Hartwell Avenue TMOD Plan

When the Town of Lexington upzoned the Hartwell Avenue Corridor, allowing for an increase in development in the CM Zoning District, the Town also created the Transportation Management Overlay District (TMOD). The purpose of the TMOD is to facilitate multi-modal transportation networks and improve traffic management and mitigation in a streamlined and predictable process. There are three areas included in the TMOD: TMO-1 Hartwell Area; TMO-2 Forbes Marrett; and TMO-3 South Lexington.  

Each District must have a plan to govern each district's regulations. On September 13, 2023 the Planning Board adopted an updated TMO-1 Hartwell Area District Plan.  Public meetings were held on July 13, 2022, October 12, 2022,  March 15, 2023, May 17, 2023, July 13, 2023, August 27, 2023 and September 13, 2023. 

There are no District Plans for TMO-2 Forbes Marrett; and TMO-3 South Lexington.

How the TMOD Works

Lexington’s zoning requires new developments of a certain size to meet traffic and parking standards outlined in c.135 §5.1 and 5.5. of the zoning. A development has to demonstrate they can meet adequate traffic capacity and if not, the application shall be denied. Because the level of service is poor at the Bedford/Hartwell intersection, adequate capacity in the Hartwell area is almost impossible to achieve without a major reconstruction project which is beyond any one development’s capability or within their control.

Instead of meeting these requirements applicants can opt into the TMOD and participate in the mitigation outlined in the District Area Plan. A mitigation plan is required for proper implementation of the TMOD. While the zoning requires a mitigation fee and a parking and transportation demand management plan, the plan specifies mitigation strategies and specifies measures to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips and increase multimodal safety.