Site Plan Review

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As stated in § 135-9.5(2), the following types of activities and uses require site plan review by the Planning Board or its designee:

  1. This section applies to activities and uses for which site plan review is required elsewhere in this Zoning Bylaw (where "R" is listed in the Zoning Use Table). The Planning Board or its designee will conduct site plan review in accordance with this Section of the Zoning Bylaw and the Planning Board Zoning Regulations. The following shall be exempt from site plan review:
    1. Any new or expanded buildings resulting in an increase in total gross floor area of less than 2000 square feet;
    2. Any new or expanded structures resulting in an increase in total site coverage of less than 1000 square feet;
    3. Any new or expanded parking areas resulting in eight or fewer additional parking spaces; and
    4. Any use of lands, buildings or structures for educational purposes by the Lexington Public Schools on land owned or leased by the Town of Lexington or Lexington Public Schools.

If a project is required to go through a Site Plan Review, the applicant must show if the project is a Major (§ 176-9.4) or Minor Site Plan (§ 176-9.3).

Plans submitted with a Form A or Form B application are required to use the title block and plan template available below. For CAD (.dwg) versions of these files please contact the Planning Office.

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This application requires an abutters list application.

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