Special Permit

§ 135-6.9(2) Applicability.

A special permit residential development is a project in which one or more lots, tracts, or parcels of land are to be improved for use as a coordinated site for housing. No special permit residential development shall be initiated without first obtaining a special permit in accordance with the provisions of this section. The purpose of the special permit is to provide detailed review of residential developments that have a substantial impact upon the character of the Town, adjacent residential areas and the provision of public facilities and services.

§ 135-6.9(3) Types of Special Permit Residential Development.

  1. A site sensitive development (SSD) is the development of a parcel with configurations of lots allowing flexibility and creativity in residential development through reductions in minimum lot area and frontage requirements in order to minimize site disturbance, preserve historic and sensitive natural resources, and allow for efficient patterns of construction to lower development cost. The number of dwellings in a site sensitive development may not exceed the number of dwellings that could be constructed in the development of a conventional subdivision.[Amended April 9, 2014 ATM by Art. 32]
  2. A balanced housing development (BHD) is a development allowing deviation from the dimensional standards that apply to developments in conventional subdivisions in order to achieve a balance of housing choices for a diversity of household types and sizes. Instead of determining density by minimum lot area and frontage requirements, the amount of residential development for the tract as a whole is based on calculations of gross floor area and impervious surface area derived from a conventional development plan for the tract of land.[Amended April 9, 2014 ATM by Art. 32]
  3. A public benefit development (PBD) is a type of balanced housing development that allows increases in gross floor area and impervious surface area in return for the creation of 10% of the units as affordable housing.

Plans submitted with a Form A or Form B application are required to use the title block and plan template available. For CAD (.dwg) versions of these files please contact the Planning Office.

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