Preliminary Subdivision Plan Applicability as stated in § 175-5.0

  1. Residential Subdivisions. The Board recommends but does not require, a preliminary subdivision plan for residential subdivisions.
  2. Nonresidential Subdivisions. As required by MGL c. 41, § 81S, preliminary subdivision plans for nonresidential subdivisions are required before submission of a definitive subdivision plan.

When land which is the subject of a special permit residential development under § 175-6.9 of the Zoning Bylaw is also proposed to be subdivided, a sketch plan, as defined in the Board's Development Regulations, may be submitted in lieu of a preliminary plan.

A Definitive Subdivision Plan holds additional requirements which are outlined in § 175-6.0

Plans submitted with a Form A or Form B application are required to use the title block and plan template available. For CAD (.dwg) versions of these files please contact the Planning Office.

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