Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) Buses & Connecting Services

Routes In & Near Lexington

The MBTA operates many buses, subway lines, commuter trains, and ferries. In Lexington, we have:

  • MBTA Bus Number 62 and 76 runs between Alewife, Hanscom, Lincoln Lab, and Bedford VA Hospital, with stops in Lexington. At times, these routes combine to form one joint route of Number 62/76. Refer to the MBTA website for most current schedule.

Nearby MBTA buses include:

  • MBTA Bus Number 78 - There is only one stop on this route within Lexington, and it is on the east side on West Service Road, near Route 2. This bus travels between here and Harvard Station.
  • MBTA Bus Number 350 - This is a bus you can connect with at Burlington Mall to take to Lahey Burlington and other popular destinations.
  • MBTA Bus Number 61 - You can catch this bus on Trapelo, which is actually in Waltham, but near the border of south Lexington. Lexpress Route A is close to this.
  • Arlington Heights Busway is a connecting point for more frequent, late night, and weekend services, plus services to Harvard and Cambridge. You can take MBTA Number 62 or Number 62/76 or Lexpress Route C here. Connect to MBTA Number 77,

Alewife Station is a popular destination with connections to the Red Line trains, many buses, and Go Buses to NYC. Try the MBTA trip planner or Google Maps transit to get directions! Please note that Lexpress buses are not included in the MBTA trip planner, but both MBTA and Lexpress are on Google Maps.


CharlieCards are the ideal way to pay MBTA fares. These are refillable cards that offer riders a discount over using cash. Empty CharlieCards are available at T stations and other locations. You can pick up Charlie Cards at Lexington Community Center. Some people may qualify for reduced fare CharlieCards

Student CharlieCards

Student CharlieCards offer significant discounts for students enrolled in middle school, high school, or home school. These cards are only available through schools. For Lexington Public School students, visit/contact:

  • Lexington High School, Room 145
  • Clarke and Diamond Middle Schools - send an email to our office
  • Homeschooled - submit a request (PDF) to the MBTA - you must include a copy of your Homeschool Approval Letter from the school district's Superintendent's Office

MBTA Youth Passes (Age 12 to 25)

The Town of Lexington now offers MBTA Youth Passes! The Youth Pass Program offers reduced fares on buses, subways, the Commuter Rail, the Express Bus, and ferries to young adults with low income. The program is a partnership between the T and participating cities and towns. Youth Pass CharlieCards can be loaded with cash value for roughly 50% reduced one-way fares, or $30 monthly LinkPasses for unlimited bus, subway, and Fairmount Line Zone 1A travel. You can also use your card for reduced one-way fares on Commuter Rail and ferry.

You may be eligible for an MBTA Youth Pass if you live in a participating city or town (Lexington participates) and:

  • You are age 12 to 18 and not enrolled in middle, high, or home school
  • You are age 18 to 25 and enrolled in an MBTA-approved benefits, education, or job-training program. (MassHealth, SNAP, and MASSgrant are just a few examples).

View full eligibility guidelines and list of approved programs (PDF). Youth passes expire on October 31st and must be renewed every year.. Questions? Please call our office at 781-698-4820 or stop in at the Community Center Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and speak to Transportation Services staff.

Senior CharlieCards

Senior CharlieCards offer significant discounts for senior citizens age 65 and up. You can apply for a Senior CharlieCard online, at the CharlieCard Store at Downtown Crossing (in the concourse) or at Senior CharlieCard Sign-Up Events. Call the Lexington Transportation Services office at 781-698-4820 to find out when the next such event will be held in Lexington.

The MBTA also offers other discounted fare options. For more information about fares, routes, or anything related to the MBTA, visit the MBTA website.

Transportation Access Pass (TAP)

If you're a person with a disability or a Medicare cardholder, you may be eligible for reduced fares with a Transportation Access Pass (TAP). Learn more about the Transportation Access Pass (TAP). If you have a disability, you may also be eligible for door-to-door service through the MBTA's The Ride.

MBTA Travel Training

There is free travel training to assist senior citizens and people with disabilities so you can become familiar with and comfortable using MTBA services. Training is available in individual, small group, or large group formats, either in person or via Zoom. Instructional videos are also available from the MBTA for self-paced learning.