Student Transportation Options

Walking and Biking

Walking and biking or other forms of active transportation provide independence, socialization, and exercise, and are great for the environment! Not sure which routes are safest? Check out the Safe Routes to School maps. We also recommend seeing suggested routes for walking and biking on Google Maps.

For tips on how to encourage walking and biking in your school community, check out more Safe Routes to School information, and ask your PTO for an introduction to your local Safe Routes to School parent coordinator.


If you cannot walk or bike to school some or all of the time, try a bus! There are school buses and public transit which you can use for greater flexibility. 

School Buses

Register for Lexington Public School buses online


Lexpress is Lexington's own local bus service operating since 1979! Students have been part of the ridership since the beginning. They may pay their fare with cash, with a Lexpress ticket, or they may purchase a bus pass. Subsidized passes are available for students/families with financial need. 

Please refer to the Lexpress page for full details on fares, routes, schedule, etc. If you are uncertain about how to ride Lexpress, please call our office at 781-861-1210. Students with smartphones can download the Ride Systems app for real-time bus arrival information for Lexpress.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)

Students can ride the MBTA. If they are under the age of 11 and riding with an adult, they travel for free. Above the age of 11, there are discounted fares offered with Student Charlie Cards. MBTA Number 76 stops in front of Lexington High School, and the MBTA Number 62 is just a 6-minute walk away on Massachusetts Avenue The Number 76 is also the bus that serves Minuteman Tech. The Number 76 bus is the closest option for Clarke Middle School students at Marrett and Waltham. For Diamond Middle School students, the Number 62 can be caught on Bedford and Hancock.

Student Charlie Cards are only available in schools for students age 12 to 18 enrolled in middle or high school.

Lexington High School students can obtain their Student Charlie Card in Room 145 of Lexington High School

Lexington Middle School students can obtain their Student Charlie Card by emailing the office

For other discounted fare options for youth and others on the MBTA, please visit the MBTA website

MBTA Youth Passes for low-income youth (age 12-25) who are not enrolled in middle or high school are available. Apply online or call 781-861-1210.