Bike Safe, Bike Smart

What you need to know to ride safely in Lexington.

View our Bicycle Safety Brochure (PDF)

On the Road

Road Markings

Sharrows (share-the-road arrows)

Sharrow Lane

Help cyclists position themselves on the road outside the range of opening doors on parked cars, and remind drivers that they must share the road. 

Bike Lanes

Bike Lane

Marked by a bicycle symbol between painted lines. Only cyclists may use bike lanes, but they are not required to use them. 

Bike Boxes

Bike Turn Lane

Help cyclists position themselves safely when stopped at an intersection with traffic signals.

Signal Markings

Signal Marking

Show cyclists where to stop at an intersection in order to activate the traffic signal.

Safety Tips

Car Turn

At red lights, stop where motorists can see you, and beware of drivers who don't use their directional signals.

Be very careful around wide trucks and busses.

Car Door

Opening car doors can send you flying into traffic. Keep away from the sides of stopped cars.

Bike Lights

Bike lights can improve your visibility during the day. After dark, a white front light, rear reflector or taillight, and reflectors on ankles or pedals are required by law. Lights with 150 lumens or more will also help you see.

Bright Clothing

Bright yellow-green and/or reflective clothing will also make you more visible to motorists. Reflective tape on clothing is especially valuable at night.